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Jun 19 2023


14:00 - 15:30 EET
11:00 am - 12:30 pm

How to procure and purchase ICTs secure by design

Session description

Cybersecurity is one of the most discussed topics and yet, so little seems to improve. Can procurement play a significant role here? IS3C invites you to share your views!

IGF Dynamic Coalition Internet Standards, Security and Safety Coalition (IS3C) strives to make the internet more secure and safer through the widespread deployment of existing, security related Internet Standards and ICT best practices. A powerful way to achieve this, is to procure and purchase ICTs secure by design, by demanding these services, devices and products to contain these standards and best practices as a part of the product, upfront.

At the IGF in Kyoto, IS3C’s working group on procurement and supply chain management (WG3) will present the results of its global study into the use of procurement by governments and purchasing power of industry to buy ICTs secure by design. This power is the strongest, positive incentive, opposed to legislation, governments and other large organisations can wield.

The WG currently is in the process of collating, comparing and analysing all available documents on the basis of three questions:

  1. What procurement policy/documents focus on internet and digital communications?;
  2. What does the procurement policy/document say about security?;
  3. Does the security section talk about standards?

In Tampere the working group presents its intermediate outcomes in this workshop. It is divided into three parts:

  1. The presentation of interim results;
  2. To gather input and;
  3. A consultation of the relevant stakeholders to learn their views on the outcomes.

Your input becomes an integral part of the final phase of the research.

Imagine how internet and ICT security could improve when governments and large organisations start demanding ICT and IoT products, services and devices to be made secure by design? That they demand that long-existing, security related internet standards and ICT best practices would be used actively by designers and deployed by manufacturers?

In this workshop the IGF Dynamic Coalition Internet Standards, Security and Safety Coalition (IS3C) invites experts and all interested to join it. We want to hear from you. Are we on the right track with our concept policy advise and toolkit for governments and others? Tell us!


This workshop serves two purposes. One, to present the intermediate outcomes of an international study on ICT procurement and two, an open consultation on these outcomes, so that all with an interest in the topic of procurement and purchasing of ICTs can share their views.

Prepared questions will be shared on this page soon. IS3C will strive actively to have representatives from all relevant stakeholder communities in the room, so that a balanced response to the intermediate outcomes is assured.

Everyone with an interest in this topic is invited to join and speak or contribute in the chat.

Further reading

For more information on the workplans and mission statements of IS3C’s working groups on procurement and supply chain management, Working Groups 3 and 5, please visit our website: https://is3coalition.org/working-groups/

At the end of May the first intermediate report for WG 3 will be published and attached here.


Key participants:

  • Wout de Natris, IS3C coordinator
  • Mallory Knodel, WG 3 chair
  • Liz Orembo, WG 3 researcher
  • TBC from WG 5

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The event is finished.

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