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IS3C Request research assistants in ict procurement

Dear colleagues,

You are kindly invited to assist in a global research project into this question: Do governments, industry and other large organisations use their purchasing power to demand for security standards (e.g. security by design) before buying ICT services, devices, products? In order to reach a good, global overview, we need your knowledge and expertise to identify procurement documents in the public and private sector.

The Internet Standards, Security and Safety Coalition, IS3C, is a dynamic coalition working under the aegis of the United Nations’ Internet Governance Forum with one goal: making online activity and interaction more secure and safer by achieving more widespread and rapid deployment of existing, security-related Internet standards and ICT best practices. You can join IS3C’s membershiplist here: https://bit.ly/3WbA869. General information you find on our website: www.is3coalition.org

IS3C’s working group on procurement, supply chain management and the creation of the business case seeks your assistance in the following.

  1. Identify procurement, purchasing or supply chain management policy documents in your country/organisation.
  2. To share them with the researchers.
  3. When in your national language, to assist with translation, analyses and reporting.
  4. To share the outcomes in a Google Doc: https://bit.ly/42OaZkr

These are the three questions we kindly ask you to assist us with:

  1. What procurement policy/documents focus on internet and digital communications?
  2. What does the procurement policy/document say about security?
  3. Does the security section talk about internet standards and/or ICT best practices?

Perhaps you know of a document in your organization but it is not publicly announced. Also in that case we would very much like to learn more, even if anonymised.

The report and guidance document will be presented at the IGF in Kyoto, 8 – 12 October. We look very much forward to your valuable input.

Best regards,

Wout de Natris                                                                             Mallory Knodel

Coordinator                                                                                    WG 3 chair

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